Due to the self-release of She Don't Know Why I'm Here, The Last received a recording contract with Bomp Records as well as their first gig, at The Masque, January 7th, with The Dils, The Avengers, and F-Word. Right after the show, Dave Harbison quit again, citing pressure from his girlfriend.

David Nolte at The Whisky



David Nolte learned how to play bass guitar and joined the band. Within two weeks, he played with them for their second gig - at The Whisky with 20/20.



Thus, the lineup was Joe Nolte, Vitus Mataré, David Nolte, Mike Nolte and Jack Reynolds. Though this lineup only lasted for a couple of years, it is the one I remember best. Being the "little brother," I frequently tagged along with my older brothers to the shows.




Joe, Vitus, David, Mike, Jack

The Last lineup '78

Jack, David, Mike, Vitus, Joe


Under this lineup, The Last played wherever and with whomever they could. This included the Weirdos, Bags, 20/20, Blow Up, Zeros, Zippers, Crawdaddies, Dredd Scott, Penetrators, Wild Man Fisher (!), Offs, and The Pop, among many others.

Joe Nolte: "We spent the spring playing the Whisky A Go Go mostly. When the Whisky tightened its booking policy we spent the summer mostly playing San Diego, and rounded out the year with everyone else at the Rock Corporation in the valley, which was the only place outside of the "New Masque" that would let bands like us play. We also got a manager, Randall Wixen, who by the end of the year had convinced Bomp to let us do a full length album."