During the first half of the year, the band recorded their second album, Look Again. According to Joe, Bomp didn't want to finance another LP due to their poor financial status at the time.

Joe: "It should be noted that "L.A. Explosion" (the album) is currently available from Bomp, and we may possibly be releasing some of our archival mystery tapes through them in the future."

Look Again -was self-financed, thanks mainly to manager Randall Wixen, and produced by Jo Julian of Berlin. The band felt confident that they could get a major record deal with Look Again. It was never released, but you can hear clips from it on the Discography page.

During the recording, the band emerged only to play a couple of nights with X at the Starwood (read the review here). When the recording was finished, the band emerged to discover, as Joe puts it, "the happy mingling of pop and punk people was unraveling quicker than you could say "Kim Fowley." Pity."

The L.A. scene was becoming more and more divided. The Last had always seemed to straddle the fence between punk and pop, and that fence was becoming too wide for human thighs to survive. Joe thought seriously about joining Black Flag as their singer in the late Spring...

The Descendants tried to get the band to tour with them, but, since they were shopping Look Again around, the band decided to stay put, do local shows, and hope for the best...

Joe: "A new band called The Unclaimed had emerged, which was intriguing as they were dedicated to doing the 60's thing to the hilt. It was amusing and fun, but obviously a fluke. About this time I woke up one morning to find that some girl named Susanna Hoffs had left a bottle of my favorite whiskey along with a fan letter outside my front door. You see where this is going . . ."

In the Fall, morale was low. It seemed as if no record company was interested in Look Again, and the band was playing less and less prestigious gigs. For many reasons, none of them really valid, it was decided that Mike should leave the band. [As a spectator at the time, I felt that firing Mike was a desperate move to try and put some energy and freshness back in the band. "A change is as good as a rest" and all that...] Joe fired Mike from the band in October.

Joe: "As I have told him since, firing him was not a mistake. The only mistake I made was not following him, and leaving the band myself. So Mike left after a final show at the Starwood and we did one show without him which made me realize we desperately needed a fifth member to sing, and we decided to go on hiatus and find the magical fifth member..."