The History section of this web site is very sparse, especially the pages from 1980, onward. With time, these pages will be flushed out with lots of photos, and the sparse text will be replaced with, ah, well - it'll be replaced. The text following 1980 comes directly from Joe Nolte. Hopefully someone out there will be "encouraged" to write me with alternate ideas about the events described...

The Last did not exist this year. I enjoyed the experience immensely - I'd

felt the band become an albatross about my neck - far from the sheer joy of

making loud music for its own sake, I'd found myself going through the motions

out of a misguided sense of duty.

Brett Gurewitz of Epitaph tried to get me to do a solo album, to no avail. I

was happy being a non-musician for the first time since puberty.

Finally, though, at the end of the year, Mike came to a Christmas party I

threw, and we inevitably ended up harmonizing. It was awfully good, and the

germ of an idea was born . . .