The History section of this web site is very sparse, especially the pages from 1980, onward. With time, these pages will be flushed out with lots of photos, and the sparse text will be replaced with, ah, well - it'll be replaced. The text following 1980 comes directly from Joe Nolte. Hopefully someone out there will be "encouraged" to write me with alternate ideas about the events described...

So we did Poptopia again, but not much else, live-wise. Again, one should

play if it's going to mean something, but to do the odd show and disappear

seems somewhat pointless. Thus we've done few shows - although this is almost

certainly going to change as we head into the new year.

Early this year we recorded some new tracks with brother David producing. We

now have a tape making its rounds which includes not only the three original

recordings but three wonderfully strange mixes that Dave did that owe only

nominal homage to the originals. All should be out soon.

Sator is about to release one of our early songs, and Bill Stevenson is still

trying to get us to come out to Colorado to record.

We will certainly be doing Poptopia this coming February.

We are all alive, we breathe, we can and will do stuff.

Oh yeah, we got a web page going, thanks mainly to my youngest brother Dan.

But you already know that.

Having read this, I would ask you to encourage everyone you know who is sick

enough to be interested to check this page out, and write us!


More soon . . .