The big news this year was the long-awaited CD release of L.A. Explosion on Bomp Records! David Nolte put together the CD booklet, and remixed the bonus tracks with Joe (when they couldn't find the original mixes). You can read many of the great reviews it got here.

Recording on Shank came to a halt when Robbie went to Europe for a month or so in January. Little did the band know then that recording would never resume...

In April, Joe did a solo acoustic appearance at Something Else records in Brooklyn during a visit to New York. It was a last minute thing - not really planned in advance. You can view more photos here.

The band once again traveled to Colorado to play at Stockage in June. By this time, various personal problems were occurring in and around the band, resulting in the band going into a "temporary hiatus" which would last the rest of the year (and still continues as I write this in early 2004).

By the time they hit Stockage, Joe had created a new band with his girlfriend Lisa (formerly of 5 Star Crush), whom he met at Stockage the previous year. Calling themselves Misfortune Cookie (after they couldn't get everyone to agree to the name "Shits and Giggles"), they also played Stockage this year, along with Queef - a new band put together by Missy and Robbie.

Joe and Mike performed in a few acoustic shows, but there would be no further Last shows this year.

So, barely a year after announcing they were "back to stay," Joe finds his band back in their hybernation chamber.

Here are the 2003 performances by The Last:

June 22, 2003 - The Garage, Silverlake, w/ Queef, Mine, Charming Snakes, New Luck Toy, Moral Crux
Joe Nolte, Mike Nolte, Missy Buettner, Luke Lohnes, Robbie Rist

June 28, 2003- Starlight (Ft Collins, CO) Stockage festival
Joe Nolte, Mike Nolte, Missy Buettner, Robbie Rist